Getting Involved by Peter Gilheany

  Getting involved At a #yesallmen gathering earlier in the summer, I ran a session asking all those who attended to consider answers and responses to two fundamental but difficult questions – what things can we, as men who want to do something to tackle and reduce male violence, actually do, both individually and collectively, and what is stopping us from doing those things? In a short space of time we covered a lot of ground but I’ve done my best to capture some of the most important points and thoughts that came up.  First of all, and this was true before the session and since, we can do something very straightforward and powerful by supporting organisations whose focus is on reducing male violence or supporting people who are victims of it. There are too many organisations who need support to list here but well known examples are Women’s Aid, Refuge and White Ribbon. We started with idea of looking separately at how to raise awareness of the issue and how to tackle or confront beha

A guest blog for #YesAllMen from Angus Malcolm

  Yes ,   All  Men !     Do you   remember   th at controversial  Gillette commercial  “We Believe: The Best Men Can Be”    from  early  2019 ?   Like  everything  else  pre-Covid,  it seems like a lifetime ago,  so  here’s a quick  recap .   Over the course of two minutes, the ad   invites  men to  own their responsibility  and take   a lead in  ending   homophobia,  misogyny and , most relevantly for our campaign,  the objectification and physical abuse  of women .   I ts  message   bears many similarities  to  the one that   #yesallmen  is seeking to share now .       Within 48 hours  of launching , the commercial had over two million views on YouTube and 23k likes.  I was one of those likes – and I didn’t just like it, I  loved  it !    I saw the  possibility  that   #MeToo   might have   started  a   new ,  unstoppable momentum  in the struggle against hegemonic masculinity .       The  production  team  made effective use of  news clippings , found footage  and  scripted  perform